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Camp Freedom NZ: Support the Cause

There are many ways in which you can support the cause down in Wellington. Below are some of them:

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Join In!

Show your support for the protest by joining in. If you can make it to Wellington, even if only for a day or two, come along and see it for yourself. Boost the numbers, and take your impressions home to family and friends. Whether you are planning a day trip or an overnighter, you are welcome! Please make sure you get the latest updates on tenting capabilities, or make arrangements for your overnight stay at a local motel before setting out on your journey.

Here's a list of what to bring with you:


Official donations can be made here:

Food donations are always welcome: the official request list is here. Think about longevity when donating from your pantry or food cellar: preserved fruits and vegetables, dehydrated soup ingredients, powdered greens for nutritious addition to cooked meals etc. Don't donate foods that will take a lot of preparation before use!


The protesters are currently being subjected to a massive misinformation campaign created as a Government-led initiative. They are being smeared in media and by our politicians to discredit them. Make sure you share Camp Freedom updates, videos, and press releases on social media to make sure that the truth is out there.

Share your photos of your visit, your impressions of the site and its residents, your feelings about the mandates that are crippling NZ's businesses and workers, and evidence that MSM is lying to the people of New Zealand about the occupiers of Parliament Grounds.

Don't share any footage or news stories that denigrate, defame, or abuse residents of Camp Freedom. Never share direct links to that stuff - you are only increasing their web traffic. Take a screenshot, then share the link to the truth.

Call Out the Lies!

When you see or hear a lie about Camp Freedom and the protest movement - don't stay silent about it! Call it out for what it is - lies! Will you lose friends? Probably. Family? Maybe. Will you lose your freedom if you don't stand up for it? Absolutely. Choose Freedom over Fear.