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Camp Freedom NZ: The (Real) News

When it comes to news and opinions about Camp Freedom, you can't trust the mainstream media - so who can you trust? This is a compilation of sources that will give you the truth from Ground Zero and expose the politically motivated lies about the goings-on in Wellington and around New Zealand.

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Police smash, remove protesters hygiene facilities

Camp Freedom

In response to Police, media, and political commentary regarding the 'unsanitary' conditions at Camp Freedom, the protest movement's supporters have rallied to provide a legal standard toilet block plumbed directly into the city's sewage system, and a shower block similarly plumbed and to standard. The shower block was legally parked out of the way of traffic, and set up with gas showers to ensure that the women and children especially could access hygiene facilities when needed. Obviously, having women on site who as time goes by will menstruate on cycle, having reliable hygiene facilities was rapidly becoming a priority for the campers. Solar camping showers was not going to remain a sufficient means of ensuring that the women and children in particular could stay clean.

Just after midnight on 1 March 2022 Police arrived at Camp Freedom in large numbers, waking the residents from their sleep. As residents milled about sleepily, with Camp Freedom security staff keeping the peace, Police smashed the new shower block and took it away, leaving in it's place a mess of broken glass and building products. This was done on the orders of the Wellington City Council and parliamentarians of New Zealand. Protesters immediately cleaned up the mess left behind by Police to ensure no one was injured by broken glass.

Condemnation for the action has been swift and harsh as supporters of the #EndTheMandates protest in Wellington wake up to the news that their freedom fighters have been deliberately left in less than desirable conditions, despite having used their own ingenuity to take care of their people. Supporters around the country are rallying once more to descend on Wellington, with some supporters now calling for the resignation of officers and city councillors who made the decision to remove such basic human needs from the residents at Camp Freedom.

1 March 2022
Source: Social Media Feeds

MEDIA LIES: Sanitation problems at Camp Freedom (portaloos)


Over the last week or so, MSM have been regularly reporting that the sanitation conditions in Camp Freedom are dangerous to health. That is simply not true. MSM are doing all that they can to mislead the public into the conditions and activities at Camp Freedom in Wellington, even stooping to reporting outright untruths.

The only time that the portaloos at Camp Freedom have become unsanitary is when Police deliberately prevented the sanitation truck from accessing them for maintenance. Those portaloos that were a risk to health were closed by camp organisers and access prevented in order to protect the health of the residents. Police have since become more accommodating, unsuprising given that it paints them in a bad light to be forcing health problems onto NZ citizens as though they were living in a concentration camp. Sanitation is a basic need, obviously.

To prepare for a circumstance where Police will again refuse to allow sanitation trucks to enter Camp Freedom's ablution zone, residents have begun to build their own sanitation stations (toilets) and are plumbing them directly into the city's sewage system. They have plumbers, builders, and a number of other tradesmen on site - because Jacinda Ardern's mandates meant they were laid off their jobs. Thanks for the help, Jacinda.

Posted 27/02/222 Stuff | Sanitation and 'squalor' causing emerging health issues at Parliament protest

MEDIA LIES: Camp Freedom residents spitting at Police

Michael Daly, Craig Hoyle and Gianina Schwanecke

MSM reports that residents at Camp Freedom have taken to spitting at Police during clashes. As has become usual, there is no evidence of such behaviour taking place. MSM has become the face of disinformation to the nation as it continues to make unwarranted allegations about the protest, many of which are later proven to be either completely untruthful or misrepresented.

According to reporters, a “small number” of police officers were spat at on the perimeter of the Wellington parliamentary precinct on Saturday. Boots on the ground however tell us that there have been no skirmishes, although Police have been in attendance as usual with riot sheilds. Reporters are therefore insinuating that residents are simply walking up to Police and spitting at them. This is most unlikely to be true, when Police have every right to arrest for such an act.

Once again, MSM is showing a very biased view of Camp Freedom to New Zealanders around the country - who would be quite rightly shocked and angered at the level of deception from their taxpayer funded news sources.

26 February 2022 Stuff | Police spat at during ongoing Parliament protest

Prime Minister Ardern capable of having an opinion after all


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today 'admonished' Act leader David Seymour for meeting with a representative of the anti-mandate protesters, saying "I don't think it was a responsible thing to do for a party that champions law and order". Ardern seems to have found her opinion hat at last, having refused to give an opinion regarding the conduct of the Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard.

Seymour on Monday likened Mallard's behaviour to Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, scathingly asking "What's next? Placing buckets of water on doors left ajar?"

The PM is struggling to hold together the facade of a respectable government in the face of shifting sympathies with the protesters around the country. More and more journalists and commentators are beginning to come to the conclusion that there is after all a 'right side' and a 'wrong side' to be on. Tens of thousands of kiwis appear to have already jumped the fence and joined the spirit of protest, if social media is anything to go by. The harder they tell tall tales, the lower they go.

16 February 2022 Newshub | PM admonishes Act Leader for meeting with protest representatives

Steph Lewis, Labour MP: Things that didn't happen, AGAIN!


Steph Lewis, MP for Whanganui, has told reporters that she "feared for my safety" after anti-mandate protesters threatened to lynch and kidnap her and her staff. She has also claimed last week that protesters walked about the building banging on windows to intimidate MPs and staff. "They called at us 'come out, come out wherever you are or we will come in and find you'. We were threatened with being lynched, hung, or kidnapped."

Lewis also claimed that protesters were laying in wait for MP's to leave Parliament, and that "our staff and colleagues have had to be escorted to and from the building by security. Many staff are afraid to come into work." Once again, despite requests for CCTV footage from the many cameras covering every inch of Parliament property, no evidence has been provided to back up Lewis' claims, making them unlikely to be anything other than scurrilous lies.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!" This is straight out of Labour's 'Fairy Tales & Other Things That Never Happened' play book. Along with Sarah Pallet, this woman is not fit to be an MP either. Not when they are so blatantly dishonest. Making false allegations is not helping to polish the tarnished image of the Labour government right now, in the midst of a social media storm accusing the Prime Minister of making hysterical noises about protesters being funded from overseas, obviously hinting at some sort of politically motivated targeting of her government being the motive. These are, with the exception of a few rowdies, good, honest, hard-working, and honourable New Zealanders whose lives have been torn apart by a callous uncaring and unprincipled pack of mutts who have long overstayed their welcome in governance over the New Zealand people.

16 February 2022 NewstalkZB | Pregnant MP's harrowing ordeal with protesters

Clint Smith: Protesters purpose is to "murder" politicians


Clint Smith, who works under a Code of Ethics requiring him to refrain from dishonest conduct and to "use reasonable endeavours to satisfy themselves of the truth and accuracy of all statements and information provided to clients, the wider public, governments and agencies", indulges in a misinformation campaign in support of his previous employer Jacinda Ardern. Accuses protesters of planning to kill politicians.

Clint Smith | Twitter

Media Lies: White Supremacists at Parliament


15 February 2022

Government deaf to protesters repeated requests for talks


Blasting music and cutting off food supplies were tactics deployed 20 years ago. Protesters have been asking for talks since arrival at Parliament Grounds. When asked if it was time for an "olive branch" gesture or for politicians to meet and talk, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has refused to meet with the protesters, saying that their actions did "not create a space where there's any sense that they want dialogue".

15 February 2022 RNZ | COVID-19: Negotiation expert says Government must meet anti-mandate protesters outside Parliament to end stalemate

Sarah Pallet, Labour MP: Claims to have received death threats


Sarah Pallet, Labour Party MP for Ilam, makes outrageous claim of death threats, verbal abuse, spitting, and threats against children. Provides no evidence that it actually happened.

Sarah Pallet MP | Twitter

It’s a beautiful morning, sun is shining through, mallard 🦆 keeps coming over the tannoy telling us to go home… 🤣 looking forward to another beautiful day of smiles and flag waving.. bit of dancing again this evening ☺️ We got this ✌

Trudeau's insanity on display


You really have to ask: what's so important about these mandates that Trudeau would go to these extreme measures rather than drop them? Is Ardern likely to follow his lead, and go down the same path?

No shit-show at Parliament Grounds


Yet more 'smear' (pardon the pun) campaigning from NZ's political and media elite. Barry Soper tells the truth about faeces in the streets at Parliament: “There’s alleyways between the tents, and all this talk about protesters living in faeces and stuff, they were offended by that, I’ve talked to a number of them, there is no faeces anywhere, they’ve got portaloos down there.”

14 February 2022 Heather du Plessis Allan Drive | NewstalkZB

Christopher Luxon: Protesters include white supremacists, Maori separatists


Luxon says: "I can tell you what is happening down there, it is a very wide set of interests that are down there. It ranges from anti-authority to anti-vaccination to anti-mandates. It is also a wide variety of groups that ranges from white supremacists through to Maori separatists and everyone in between. Most importantly, it is a group that has arrived and been incredibly abusive and anti-social." Utter codswallop!

14 February 2022 Jamie Ensor | Newshub

There's something happening at Parliament

The Platform: Sean Plunket

"What is clear is that the story being told by the Speaker Trevor Mallard and mainstream media, who appear to have joined him in fortress Parliament, is not a fair or accurate representation of what is really happening."

14 February 2022 Sean Plunket | There's something happening at Parliament

"I’m pro vax. I’m double jabbed, but I’m anti-mandate. I think kicking people out of their jobs because they don’t have the jab is disproportionate. Ask yourself this: what is the rationale now for people losing their jobs because they won’t get the jab?"

Government Pinocchios: "Mandatory vaccination is 'misinformation'"


The Government was quite clear that vaccines wouldn't be mandatory... until they were mandatory.

Source: Convoy 2022 NZ, Facebook

The Anti-Mandate Protesters Are Winning

The Platform: Sam Hill

"Television news reporters presented the narrative of a hysterical mob of conspiracy theorists baying for blood, while the reports from protestors on the ground suggested a diverse group of people, strongly against mandates and with many different political views and backgrounds."

14 February 2022 Sam Hill | The Anti-Mandate Protesters Are Winning

Threats to kill: the "sinister" message at Parliament

NZ Herald

The NZ Herald reported that a "sinister" message had been chalked onto the forecourt at Parliament by the protesters on Wednesday 9 February, saying that it was a "reference to a method of killing" targeting politicians and the Government.

What the Herald forgot to add is that it is also a reference to the Nuremberg Trials outcome, which saw top officials tried and found guilty of crimes against humanity for the treatment of, among others, Jews during World War II. They also forgot to add that the message was prefaced with smiley face emojis and a heart symbol.

This was not a sinister threat to kill - it was a reminder of the Government's overreach in issuing mandates requiring its citizens to take part in the trials of an experimental medical treatment (vaccine) using the same technocratic tactics as were used during Hitler's regime.

10 February 2022 NZ Herald | Covid 19 convoy protest: Sinister message left at Parliament by 'freedom' protesters